Cortez Bait & Seafood

12110 Cortez Rd.
Cortez, FL  34215
Mon-Sat, 10-6 | Sun 11-5

Cortez Fish Market & Sustainable Seafood

Here on the gulf coast, we are no strangers to the formula of a good time: great food, great friends, and great atmosphere. Fortunately, with access to some of the best fresh-caught seafood, great food isn’t too hard to come by. Fortunately, those living near the Gulf Coast (and bound) get to reap the delicious benefits of some of the freshest seafood in the world, a beautiful and picturesque atmosphere, and a community dedicated to just that – this community. 

Truly great food doesn’t always require the fanciest gourmet ingredients and the most expensive wine, but it does require fresh, quality ingredients and the love put into making the dish. This begins long before the food even gets to the kitchen. It begins in the early mornings and late nights when Cortez fisherman slide on their boots and their favorite cap and head out onto the water to catch our next delicious meal.

Cortez, the oldest active fishing village in Florida harnesses a commitment to a present-day hot-topic: sustainability. It’s the local hub for fresh sustainable seafood and aged history. These storied Cortez fisherman have passed down their craft and career for generations, supplying countless years of sustainable seafood and income contributing to a sustainable community. But more than that, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that they love and take pride in, and one we can all enjoy. You can’t go wrong, Sustainable Seafood from dock to table…Florida fresh! 

When available in season, Cortez Fish Market sells a variety of fresh seafood including Florida Clams, Mahi, Oysters, Pompano, Salmon, Smoked Mullet, Red Snapper, Yellow Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Stone Crabs, Swordfish, Triple Tail, Tuna, Tigerfish, Jumbo Gulf shrimp, PEI Mussels, & Key West Pink Shrimp

Please call us today at 941-794-1547 to see what we have available!  Open Mon-Sat- 10-6, Sun-11-5

  • Clams

  • Grey Mullet

  • Jumbo Gulf Shrimp

  • Mahi

  • Mussels

  • Oysters

  • Pink Shrimp

  • Pompano

  • Red Snapper

  • Salmon

  • Scamp Grouper

  • Stone Crab

  • Swordfish

  • Tigerfish

  • Tripletail

  • Tuna

  • Yellow Grouper